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Hazel Leys Academy

Values and Ethos

The Hazel Leys Academy is committed to partnership in education.

To help each pupil to make the most of their time here, parents, pupils, staff and Advisory Councillors have important parts to play in achieving the aims of the Academy. We aim to create a pleasant, safe environment where all will find their experience to be satisfying, worthwhile and enjoyable. We aim to provide an education, which encourages all pupils to develop their abilities to the full, by:

  • Developing attitudes that will enhance a pupil’s ability to work independently in order to encourage self- discipline, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility;
  • Teaching a coordinated and consistent approach to the curriculum with clearly defined aims and objectives;
  • Developing teaching styles, which are appropriate to the needs of all pupils.
  • Encouraging active involvement of the whole school community including staff, Advisory Councillors, parents, pupils and relevant outside agencies