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Handwriting at Hazel Leys Academy


How does Happy Handwriting help learning?

  • Automaticity – Formation, orientation and placement of letters becomes automatic which frees up space in the working memory.
  • Achievement – Fast, legible and fluent handwriting underpins success in every curriculum area.
  • Confidence – Good handwriting creates a positive initial judgement.
  • Creativity – When handwriting is automatic, the brain can concentrate on content.
  • Reading – Writing and reading are reciprocal skills, so improvement in one, helps the other.
  • Phonics and Spelling – legible handwriting means children can read and correct spelling.

There are four strands in developing good handwriting:

Making bodies stronger

  • Physical strengthening of the body
  • Motor and spatial preparation

Learning the letters

  • Dynamic movements for learning letter shapes
  • Sensory experiences for memory and recall

Holding the pencil

  • Optimal pencil hold for speed and legibility
  • Diagnostic photos for addressing issues

Flow and fluency

  • Speed and stamina developed
  • Economy of movement and use of rhythm/m for speed
  • Joining letters in a 12 week programme

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