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Hazel Leys Academy

Year 3 Ministry of Chocolate Workshop - 25/04/18

The Ministry of Chocolate will be visiting Hazel Leys Academy to work with our Year 3 children. This supports our Charlie and Chocolate Factory text of the term.

The chocolate workshops help to nurture knowledge, confidence and self-belief in primary school children through exciting, interactive and inspiring chocolate activities.
This Ministry of Chocolate’s educational workshop will take pupils on a fantastic journey where they’ll discover and explore this divine creation, covering:


  • The fascinating history and origins of chocolate, including the Maya and Aztecs
  • How and where cacao is grown – the cocoa harvesting process
  • Looking at, feeling and tasting real cocoa beans, pods & nibs
  • Sensory testing – using our five senses to understand chocolate
  • Chocolate and health
  • How chocolate is made
  • Fairtrade principles, including bringing the concept to life using child-friendly role play
  • A practical chocolate making session where children design and make their very own chocolate product
  • All the children receive a certificate at the end of the chocolate workshop – a great start to their future qualifications!

It sounds great and we can't wait!




Ministry of Chocolate say - 'We think it’s important to bring a project to life so the children get to see and touch real cocoa pods (the fruit of the cocoa tree), real cocoa beans (the seed of the cocoa tree) and taste a little bit of cocoa nib (the inside of the cocoa bean). They may not like it, but at least they’ll have done it!

We use proprietary teaching models that we’ve developed over many years to reinforce key points and to help with learning retention.

We teach children about chocolate – the good, the not so good and all the other interesting aspects about it!

Throughout the educational chocolate workshop, the children are constantly being asked questions to recap and reinforce important words and aspects about chocolate so we know they’ve understood and remembered the most important points.'