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Hazel Leys Academy


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At Hazel Leys Academy, we believe that writing is a key, important life skill, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our pupils are writers from an early age. It is our intent that we provide pupils with a high-quality education and have a holistic approach to the teaching of writing.

Our writing curriculum has been developed to inspire children to want to write for a range of purposes.

We teach the children specific skills to be able to effectively express their ideas and thoughts when writing for a wide selection of outcomes.

Our English writing units vary in stimuli and where possible we make links with our history, geography and science units. Our units are based around: picture books, chapter books, visual literacy (animations), folk tales, traditional tales, poetry and real-life events. We encourage the children to focus on each writing outcome’s purpose, audience, language and layout and to think like a reader when writing. The children have time to self-edit their own work, but also time to work with their partner to peer-edit their work.  



All staff plan engaging writing lessons following the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum and high quality texts are selected to help form the unit of work. We teach English as whole class, so that all our children have access to the age-related skills and knowledge contained in the National Curriculum.

Within lessons, teachers and teaching assistants target children who require extra support to achieve the learning intention. We ensure that children are challenged in their English lessons as they are given the opportunities to extend their writing through showing a deeper understanding of the impact that their writing has on the reader and by using a higher level of vocabulary and grammatical features.  

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar skills are taught as an integral part of English lessons.  Teachers plan to teach the required skills through the genres of writing that they are teaching.



Children make good progress in writing.  They develop their knowledge of language and vocabulary in extended pieces of writing and support this with their knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

Children become confident in writing and be able to use writing across a range of genres.   Children of all abilities are able to succeed in all English lessons because work is appropriately scaffolded and differentiated.

Pupils understand how to edit their work to ensure that they can adapt their writing and improve it. 

Attainment in writing is measured using the statutory assessments at the end of EYFS, KS1 and KS2.