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Hazel Leys Academy

Meet Our Staff


Mrs Beverley Trotman

Assistant Principal

  Mr Chris Egan

 Early Years (Donaldson and Andreae Class)

Miss Brittany Moorhouse - Nursery Teacher

Miss Kate Wareing - Reception Teacher

Mrs Mandy Clough - EYFS Teaching Assistant

Miss Stacy Stocker - EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss Terri Coupland - EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss Kirstie Witton - EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs Suki McKellar - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Year 1 (Jeffers Class)

Mr Daniel Fortune - Y1 Teacher

Mrs Anne Clarke - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Helen Windsor - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah McKillop - 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Year 2 (Hendra Class)

Ms Jo Lowe - Y2 Teacher

Miss Danielle Howe - Teaching Assistant

Year 3 (Kinney Class)

Mrs Charlotte Chester- Y3 Teacher
Mrs Laura Pritchard - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 (Pullman Class)

Mr Peter Redhead - Y4 Teacher
Mrs Sue Tansey - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 (Rosen Class)

Mrs Karen Morgan - Y5 Teacher
Mrs Tracey Bradley - Teaching Assistant

Year 6 (Shakespeare Class)

Mr Chris Egan - Y6 Teacher/Assistant Principal
Mrs Alison Eden - Teaching Assistant


Miss Abbie Kamel

Learning Mentor

Mrs Geraldine Edge

Academy Office

Miss Claire Packer

Miss Sarah Bloomfield



Mr David Lapsley



Mrs Mandy Clough

Mrs Katrina Foster

Mrs Alison Rodden

Mrs Fatima Noor

Miss Rhonda Carry

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Irene Sinclair
Mrs Alison Rodden
Mrs Fatima Noor
Mrs Helen Craig
Miss Renee Choina
Mrs Nicole Olgilvie
Mrs Kimberley Reilly
Mrs Rhonda Carry