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Hazel Leys Academy

Mental Health Awareness Day - Friday 9th February


We all have mental health - it's what makes us feel the way we do - and with mental health, comes mental health needs.

Some of us can meet our own needs and others need help or support – and that’s OK, You’re Not Alone. Some of us feel stressed or anxious, some of us can’t always control our thoughts and feelings, some of us just don’t understand why we think and feel the way that we do.

"Mental health is everyone’s business, we all have it and it’s our business to change people’s views and perspectives to stamp out mental health stigma. Mental health stigma exists because people don’t understand what it means to have unmet mental health needs. They form their opinions based on myths and misunderstandings which can make it difficult for someone to be accepted by others and can lead to discrimination."

Children in school will be listening to and discussing mental health.  Teachers in Year 1 to Year 6 will be sharing a PowerPoint Presentation and Year 5 and Year 6 will watch a video specially made by young people.

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Please visit the website for more information and find out ways to support young people.