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Hazel Leys Academy

Academy Council

At Hazel Leys Academy, we have 12 councillors that make up our School Council. Most classes have 2 councillors per class. The school council get together and discuss upcoming events, arrange competitions and fundraisers and to give their ideas of how we can make our school a better place. They also listen to ideas that have been suggested by their peers and bring these along to discuss at meetings.   

School Council

Year 1

Tyler Irvine
Petra Walker

Year 2

Jessica Macdonald
Kalib O'Rourke

Year 3

Morgan Hindley-Smith
Sabrina Ignat

Year 4

Lacie Beattie

Shae Hamill


Year 5

Sebastian Kolasinski
Arina Mihhailov


Year 6

Jordan Windsor - Head Boy

Amelia Benson - Head Girl