At Hazel Leys Academy our science is delivered through a dynamic, comprehensive programme, packed with inspirational resources, designed to deliver outstanding science throughout our school. Every lesson is based on a question encouraging enquiry from pupils and building their scientific skills as well as their knowledge. Our aim is to cultivate a spirit of enquiry in pupils with practical exploration and investigation activities. There is clear progression within the “big ideas in science” and each idea is clearly visible within each topic and each module. Our science programme helps every child achieve – with three levels of differentiated challenge in every lesson.


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Year 1.

IMG_0762 IMG_0763

Everyday Materials                         Seasonal Changes

Year 2.

Y2 Growing Up Y2 Take Care

Growing Up                                      Take care

Year 3.

How does your garden grow Y3 Amazing Bodies

How does your garden grow?         Amazing Bodies

Year 4.

Switched on Y4 Good vibrations

Switched On                                     Good Vibrations

Year 6.

Body pump

Body Pump